His Holiness the Dalai Lama

We greatly appreciate this self initiative in genuinely serving one’s people with ideals of preserving one’s culture and language through education, thank you. Do strive to serve with continued sincerity and diligence to teachers, staff, students and to all with our sincere protection and prayers.

~ On the occasion of His 1992 visit to TCH

Thinley Gyatso

The Tibetan Children’s Home, Dhodupling Tibetan Colony came into being in early 1991 with a clear and positive perception to help poor Tibetan children with various basic facilities such as basic education, food and accommodation. With kind assistance from the sponsors and donors abroad, today it is very well in a position to cater to the educational needs of some 90 Tibetan children. These Tibetan children are from various Tibetan settlements in India, Nepal and Bhutan. And most importantly TCH has a handful of Tibetan children from Tibet as well. Whatever little TCH has thus far achieved in service to the poor and needy Tibetan children is all because of the kind assistance rendered by the sponsors and donors alike. It may further be requested of you that TCH needs your kind assistance and may further be requested of you that TCH needs your kind assistance and may continue to help it grow. Finally, your act of gesture of philanthropy will remain forever enshrined in the minds of Tibetan people.

~ Tibetan Welfare Officer, Dehra Dun

Lobsang Tashi

Dear Dear Mr Sonam Chophel Singhe and Mr. Tsegyal,

The residents of the Dhondupling Tibetan Colony would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the children and staff of the Tibetan Children's Home for cleaning the Colony's streets several times each year. Since you began to offer this social service to the Colony it has been a pleasure to see our streets much cleaner than they were formerly. It has been an inspiration to see the children at your Hostel taking pride and delight in serving their neighbors as they learn through their labours an important lesson in protecting our environment.

Furthermore, the children in your care have inspired many of us by setting an example of how important and how gratifying it is to keep our Colony clean. We now have permanent dust bins mounted on the busiest streets and the Colony Office makes regular rounds to clean many of the streets. And it is quite obvious that many of our friends, neighbors and shopkeepers have begun to make a consistent effort to keep their property clean. Your children can take great pride in having influenced Dhondupling in such an important way.

Please convey to all those at the Tibetan Children's Home how much we appreciate their sincere efforts and the service they have provided to Dhondupling Tibetan Colony.

~ Chairman ALPDT, Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation, Dehradun Dun