How You Can Help

tibetanchild Most of the TCH children come from families that are too poor to afford to educate their children, much less the costs of living at such a facility. TCH has no fund or foundation or private benefactor supporting its kindhearted efforts to benefit Tibetan children from impoverished families. Nor is there any public funding in India for such an institution. The TCH budget is very tight with most of its funds dedicated to direct care for the children. The staff are paid very modestly for all the work they do for the children. And while the facility and food are adequate, they are very humble.

Given this situation, TCH’s most pressing need is financial support. Such support can be given in a number of ways. Donations and grants from private individuals, families or funds are greatly appreciated. Such support can be given as a one-time donation or as multiple installments over time.

Many donors enjoy the opportunity to sponsor a particular child vs. giving a general donation. Individuals, families, and groups who provide a child with a full ($1306 US ) or partial ($653 or $327 US) annual sponsorship find it quite rewarding. Sponsors can choose a specific child to support or can leave the choice up to the Director. Biographical information on the needy children at TCH is available upon request. You can help us over bus and gas (monthly cost of $270 US).

All sponsors receive annual reports on the progress of the children they are sponsoring and at least two letters per year from the sponsored child. If they wish, they can write letters to the sponsored child but that is not a requirement of sponsorship. Sponsors can renew their sponsorship commitments annually.

Donations to the TCH Development Fund are also urgently needed to help improve the living facilities for the children.

Donors in the United States can make their contributions through the Chenrezig Fund, 211 Campbell St, Madison, WI 53711 (, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3)corporation. Making a donation in this matter enables supporters to deduct the donations from their taxes. Chenrezig Fund does not deduct any administrative overhead from donations, so 100% of your contribution is sent to TCH.

tibetanchild Donors from other parts of the world can send their contributions directly to the Tibetan Children's Home, Dhondupling Tibetan Settlement, P.O. Clement Town – 248002, Dehra Dun, India or through the Chenrezig Fund at the above address. Funds sent to India should be in the form of secure postal service with a return receipt (e.g., registered mail).

There are many other ways you can help to the children at TCH. Some donors have come to India and visited us. The children love these visits for it gives them a taste of different cultures around the world. And the staff and administration very much appreciate these visitors and all their new ideas and recommendations that help them improve the care of the children. Some visitors have stayed on a while to help care for the children, to tutor them, especially in English, or assist with special projects to improve the programs and facilities. You can also help build the TCH library by donating books written for any reading level. On occasion, college students come to TCH as a part of their academic programs to learn about the culture and our efforts to help our children. All visitors are always welcome at TCH.