Chenrezig School and The Poly Kids

Chenrezig School

TCH stands for compassion in action and the main focus of our activity is providing education opportunity along with necessary facilities for poorest of poor and deserving children. Therefore in order to enhance our services for those needy children in the field of education TCH opened Chenrezig Primary School (CPS) on the 3rd April 2014. With English as the medium of instruction and Hindi and Tibetan as optional second language, CPS is a State Government of Uttarakhand recognized school and follows the CBSE board syllabus for class I to V.

The Poly Kids

Additionally TCH has partnered with The Poly Kids, a registered entity in Australia and internationally-acclaimed, well designed early childhood learning framework has been adopted to give a right start to the little ones. Along with a dedicated and caring staff, the transition from home to school is made as smooth as possible. The only truly international pre-school set-up in India. We cater to the growing segment of quality conscious parents, who desire a holistic experience in the formative years of their child’s life. We are committed to providing world-class early childhood education with globally accepted, best teaching practices such as Inquiry-based learning. Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced so as to allow children to achieve their full potential. Click here for more information.

Schools and Tutoring



Some TCH children also attend one of two local schools: Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation School or Hilton English Medium School.

Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation School (TNMF School). The TNMF School is located in the center of Dhondupling Tibetan Settlement. Most of the children at TCH attend TNMF School. The School was founded shortly after Dhondupling was established in 1965. It was named in honor of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru whose government welcomed the Tibetan refugees fleeing from the Chinese occupation and assisted them in resettling in India. TNMF School is operated under the administration of the Department of Education of the Tibetan Central Government in Dharamsala, India. The Principal of TNMF School is Tsering Phuntsok. Most teachers come from Dhondupling Tibetan Settlement or in Dehra Dun. The School offers a solid education for students from kindergarten to Class 12. Classes from kindergarten through Class 4 are taught in Tibetan to assure that students are fluent in their native tongue and quite familiar with Tibetan culture. From Class 5 to Class 12 the language of instruction is English.

Hilton English Medium School (Hilton). Hilton is located about three miles from TCH in Dehra Dun. Hilton is a private, family owned school that offers a curriculum typical of the Indian School System. The School offers an excellent education for students from kindergarten to Class 12. At all levels, the language of instruction is English. Parents of some TCH children request that their children attend Hilton since it may improve their opportunities for higher education and the job market. These parents pay the higher school fee at Hilton. TCH provides transportation for children attending Hilton.



In order to assist the children with their studies, TCH hires four part-time tutors. The tutors work with students individually and in small groups to help them with their classes and their homework. English language and mathematics are the subjects of most tutoring sessions.